Booking with Wish Your Heart Makes Travel is      100% Complimentary

Did you know that travel suppliers build travel advisor fees into their prices? So you're already paying for the service even if you don't us a travel advisor! Yep. So why not book your trip with a travel advisor who can help you navigate through the stressful process of planning a vacation! Booking your vacation with a travel advisor costs the exact same as booking your own on a travel suppliers website! Our travel partner pays us after your trip. Plus you get someone who can answer your questions watch out for promotions and help you each and every step of the way. Don't forget, When you book with Wish Your Heart Makes Travel you are helping a stay at home mom support her family.

🗒Some things you should know about working with a travel agent: The price of a travel agent is already built into the cost of a Disney vacation. Whether or not you actually use a travel agent. So your vacation package will cost the same price whether you use me to book your vacation or not. Booking a trip with me is complimentary! There are no extra fees when using a travel agent who specializes in Disney. Disney pays me so that you don’t have to!  However, we do like to point out that we as travel agents do not get paid by the hour. We only get paid from Disney if you actually book with us and take your vacation. So if you have been working with a travel agent asking questions or getting advice make sure and remember to Book Your Trip with Them as a thank you for all of their help. We get paid after you have traveled so we like to be sure that you understand those things and truly do wish to move forward working with us as your agent. 

Please note: Some travel agents do charge  À la carte fees for different services they offer which is separate from your vacation package fees. These fees are discussed up front and you can decide whether or not you want to use the services that are included with those fees.